Using social media for online dating

For some people, there is still a stigma attached to online dating sites and joining dating agencies and social media is often viewed as a more acceptable and modern way of meeting a potential date. Social media is part and parcel of modern society and the majority of people have a degree of involvement and […]

3 Top Tips For A Successful Music Festival

As the spring sun shines brightly outside, many event organisers are busy working on the arrangements for the summer’s music festivals. Whilst some factors are obvious, there may be more to a great festival than you realise, so if you’re organising an event of any scale this year, follow these tips to make your event […]

What To Consider When Booking A DJ For Your Event

If you’ve been put in charge of organising some kind of event, whether that’s a wedding or promotional event for you company or even a 21st birthday party, then you’ll want to make sure it’s a success. As anyone who has organised one in the past knows, there is an awful lot of work that […]

The Benefits Of Taking Guitar Lessons With A Professional Tutor

Being able to play the guitar is something most young people will have dreamed of and to play in a band is the goal of many, but how do you go about achieving this? Some people find it’s sufficient to just purchase an instrument and play around on it until they can get a reasonable […]

Choosing A Recording Studio? Follow Our Top Tips!

Every band needs to find a recording studio at some point but deciding which to go with isn’t always the easiest of things! With many great and even legendary recording studios spread across the UK, it can often be hard deciding which is the most suitable for your band. Do you go for the local […]

How To Make Your Music, How To Make It Heard

The music industry has come a long way; you’ve probably heard so many stories about artists making it big with a song they recorded in their bedroom that you’re bored to tears when you hear a new one; until that story’s about you, that is. There are plenty of ways to make your own music […]

3 Wicked Summer Holiday House Tunes

Summer 2012 is finally here! House parties, backyard cookouts, and long nights in the city are soon to be daily activity. Having the right music is essential to making the party last and making every night one to remember. When that perfect song hits the speakers, you just know tonight could be the party of […]

Dance Music

Just as music as a whole has changed considerably with new trends replacing old ones and musicians coming and going over the years, the specific genre of Dance Music has been changing as well. When we think of Dance Music we imagine clubs with loud thumping tunes filling the night air and young people venturing […]

5 Blunders you must avoid on a romantic night

Date nights have almost become just another domestic chore for many today. We have to understand that the ultimate aim of our life is to find a perfect mate with whom our life will cherish. So there is nothing wrong in contemplating on the best way to make your first romantic date night-out an unforgotten […]

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